April Showers Bring

April Showers Bring…

In Borneo just a whole lot of water. It doesn’t rain here. The sky saves up every little droplet it soaks up from the sea or rainforest, then drops it all at once over the heads of the poor people (who are only now learning it’s better to stay inside after 7 pm).

Not Like They Used to Be

For a girl who grew up loving static in the air, clouds clustering together like bullies or dust balls, the crack of thunder that would reverberate through the suburbs, and lightning that traced white lines through the sky or occasionally careened for earth like a bolt of Zeus, the storms of Borneo have not the same fancy.

Therefore, it is with a bit of whimsy I share these pictures. Taken in climates where thunderstorms bore down upon earthlings with a show and not just a soak.

I hope you enjoy them (they come from our time in Russia). I also hope they buy me some time to continue wading through multitudes of vacation pictures. Posts on Singapore, Bali, and Brunei are yet to come.


Take care, dear readers and writers,


*See more pictures at https://www.instagram.com/jmm_travels/

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