Happy Holidays 2017


It’s funny, because on the inside our house looks very much like it did during December when we lived in Russia, Pittsburgh, and even Canada, but to step outside now is to feel temps of 28 celsius or higher, to feel the mugginess of thick humidity, and to view a jungle landscape. I was missing the snow, and I thought all things home, until we were reminded the other day of the sky turning dark at 4pm, plugging in the car (or the engine won’t start in the morning if it’s cold enough), and of scrapping windows and shoveling snow from sidewalks and rooftops. Which made me think, maybe I don’t miss everything…

A Quick ‘Havoc’ Update

Havoc – which is the first of three novels in a series about witches who survived the witch trials and didn’t quite have the emergence into modern society they thought they might – is out for reviewing right now. I had gotten it as far as my brain could take it for the time being. I look forward to the feedback and hopefully making it even better before the New Year. Then, with any luck, I’ll be able to query starting January/February. We shall see.


While Havoc is out of the house I’ve decided to get to work on book 2 in the series. I have great hopes for this series, so don’t think it too early to continue on with the story. Even if the first book isn’t received as well as I hope I’ll just put more work into it. I’m not willing to shelve these as I had Brindham. And given what I feel I’ve learned, I don’t think they’ll require it.

A Little News

Besides, I’m on a self-imposed deadline. I’d like book 2 done by the time our newest addition is to arrive. My husband and I found out in September we’re expecting a little girl; due May 2018. As she’s already changed our world to some degree, I anticipate needing to take some time off when she arrives, and I’d like a draft squared away before I do. It’s our first little bundle, and learning she was to brighten our life came at a time when we were starting to wonder if a bigger family was in our deck or not. We’d been trying for some time, so are feeling very lucky, anxious, excited and terrified all at once. Though, I’m sure those are pretty standard emotions no matter how you come by the joy of a little one on the way.

Happy Holidays 2017

It’s December 7th today. Christmas parties abound around us despite being in a country that doesn’t openly celebrate the holiday. Brunei is an Islam based country, and while they permit the practice of all religions, the country doesn’t encourage visible religion beyond Islamic festivals. While I adore the mix of religious celebration a country like Singapore has, I certainly don’t begrudge this peaceful culture that has allowed us to live in their midst and enjoy their little slice of jungle paradise. I do hope that someday though, every country is able to celebrate every aspect of the religions and cultures that make up its population in a way that allows everyone to participate or observe if they so desire. Perhaps that can be my wish for 2018.

So, wherever you are, if you celebrate Christmas I wish a very Merry one to you and all the best to everyone for a happy and healthy new year. Enjoy the holiday season. Embrace those you love. And find the joy.

Take care,


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