An Update on HAVOC – In Editing

Hello Again

It’s September. I can’t even believe it. This year has not gone the way I thought it would. I’m sure there are a lot of people who can say that for a lot of different reasons.

In Editing 

I am, however, in my third attempt at a final edit of HAVOC.

“Easy Reading is Damned Hard Writing.”

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

Each step away from it, as life has demanded, has brought me back making changes I do feel was to its benefit, so maybe it’s all for a reason (though that sounds a tad selfish, I know). What I mean is that time away has felt detrimental, but has been good. Fresh eyes have yielded the ability to see clearly what so often becomes muddled. I feel as though I am finally getting to the point where there is no where else I can take it on my own. It still needs work, but I need outside eyes to see where the work is required and to what degree. Therefore, HAVOC should soon be making its way to an editor/external reviewers.

I can honestly say, if this isn’t the case by early October, there will be no one more disappointed in me than myself. Though with some health things coming up in the near future, only the advancements I can make over the next few weeks will prove whether my goal is achievable or not. I guess I should let my husband know we’re approaching a period of “patience required” and “feed yourself.”

Query Work

Meanwhile, I’m happy to share a portion of a query I’ve drafted. It tells of HAVOC. Also, the excerpt and Chapter 1 have had some major overhauls as well. If you click on the ‘HAVOC’ title on the right it’ll bring you to the excerpt on this site.

From the Query:

My novel HAVOC is about witches in a modern, but irrevocably changed world.

When the world found out people of magic had hidden in a city in northern Scotland since the days of the witch trials, it did not welcome them into its fold with open arms. Instead it battled, manipulated, and exploited those who had thought a return might finally be safe.

Ultimately, it’s my mother’s fault things went the way they did. In turn, my life is forfeit. My penance? Avenging the deaths of the innocent. I am Margot Kyteler-Shipton, last of two great lines of witches. I live on earth though it burns like an ember after the wars of which magic was the arsenal. This is a time of false peace. Our kind is locked up in wards or work for the government as high-paid traitors. Some are trying to find a way. I’m just trying to find a woman to kill.

I’ve used this to provide information about the novel around the website and on social media as well.

Wrapping Up

Anyway, that is all for now dear writers and readers. I hope September finds you well. Safe. And in the company of loved ones. If any of these are lacking, I hope they come to you again soon.

Take care,


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