My Novels 

I believe in magic. It is the moment of wonder we find for different reasons at any age.

My novels started from the idea that witches are real. They survived the witch hunts and trials of the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries and lived in hiding until now. Brindham was my first novel, it explored how magic unleashed the truth of its existence unto the world. Havoc is my second novel. It explores the ongoing repercussions years later.


An adult fantasy novel based on the premise: ‘Centuries after the witch trials magic remains hidden. Is it time to rejoin the modern world?’

There are costs of an existence known to the world. The witch trials proved that. But isolation has bred feelings of strangulation. Brindham’s existence as a safe haven tick-tocks. A lively bomb fueled by protesters, revolutionaries, and distrust fostered by seeming apathy on the part of its government. At best the unsolved crimes which triggered the spiral are laziness. At worst conspiratorial. The Organization of Security and Surveillance was supposed to be the saving grace but as some suspect–as Jackson worried–the more undistinguished traits of its leader have tainted the color of it.

I, Evina Agnew, was brought to be a pawn. That much seems true. Predicted to be the most powerful witch who ever lived my allegiance gains a certain win. I suppose both sides meant to demonstrate power, attraction, and justice, but I’ve seen through the veil. Both are bathed in blood. There are no innocent men in the game of power. I speculate an alternative. A resolve to the hands clenched around the neck of Brindham. A middle road of resolution. But does such a thing exist? Or is it simply what I want? Does it matter if what I want aligns with what is right? There have been reassurances. I won’t be alone. It ends as all begins, with hope. Hope, I haven’t made a mistake.

2 – HAVOC 

BRINDHAM opened a door and unleashed a series. HAVOC is the first book in this series. It is an adult fantasy novel based on the premise: ‘When the fires burn from the decisions that were made.’ It is about witches in a modern, but irrevocably changed world.

When the world found out people of magic had hidden in a city in Northern Scotland since the days of the witch trials, it did not welcome them into its fold with open arms. Instead it battled, manipulated, and exploited those who had thought a return might finally be safe.

Ultimately, it’s my mother’s fault things went the way they did. In turn, my life is forfeit. My penance? Avenging her death, but more so, the death of my father. I am Margot Kyteler-Shipton, last of two great lines of witches. I live on earth though it burns like an ember after the wars of which magic was the arsenal. This is a time of false peace. Our kind is locked up in wards or work for the government as high-paid traitors. Some are trying to find a way. I’m just trying to find a woman to kill.


Excerpts of each novel are linked to their titles, or via the side menu on this website.

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*PS. I have decided to shelve BRINDHAM. After querying, contests, and review by an editor I feel it’s best to proceed with other projects right now. You can read some of my blog posts on the subject of its development and the choice to shelve it by looking up ‘BRINDHAM’ tags on the website. ♥