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This sovereign city is unique in aspects of cleanliness, promoting racial and religious harmony, low levels of unemployment and homelessness, and its death penalty. Its Green Plan aims to ensure sustainability in development while promoting a personal duty and commitment to the environment. The Gardens by the Bay and included Supertree Grove–with towering giants that harvest solar power and rainwater–are the achievement of local and international professionals coming together to make the world a beautiful, more greener place. (If there is one thing I could take back to Canada with me it would be the open-minded, environmentally-targeted practices of Singapore).

In addition to these attributes, the city is a place to catch glimpses of variety. ‘Hong Kong’ markets. ‘Little India’ street scenes. Temples framed by soaring skyscrapers. Ample gardens set against backgrounds of bustling ports. It is a city of it all.


Singapore can be toured in 3-4 days. This, in part, is due to the Hop-on/Hop-off buses that make getting to each and every attraction a breeze. Tours operated by major companies also proved reliable; quickly getting one affiliated with main attractions and their areas or allowing for lingering stays at enjoyable points. My family was most impressed by The Gardens by the Bay, so we spent a great deal of time there. It was beautiful by day–absolutely stunning by night (but that is for another post).

I would say Singapore is an easy stop for all kinds of travellers. With, or without children. So on and so forth. Maybe not at all points quite up to North American standards in access for those with disabilities, but far better than many of Southeast Asia’s options.

And so, I leave you with the pictures…


Chinatown –

The National Orchid Garden – 

Little India – 

Clarke Quay – 

The Gardens by the Bay – 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. Next up, Singapore by Night.

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